Where Are the Children?


As I have met with many of the women who were trapped in the red light districts of Mumbai, I have heard many stories of heartbreak, tragedy, and shame.  But it is amazing to me how that ugliness and fiery experience can be transformed from ashes into something beautiful!  When we were in Mumbai’s red light district in March, we had the opportunity to meet several women and record their stories that they wanted to share with the world.  It is something that once you start listening, you lose track of all time.


It was the same with me.   The sun had started to set, and the city lights were twinkling when we suddenly realized how late it had become in this place that was so filled with oppression and darkness!   As we hurried into our vehicles with all our belongings loaded, I could see that many women were already sitting or standing in front of their doorways all along the side of the streets.   I will never forget this picture.    I forced myself to look into their eyes.


Their eyes were vacant, watching us drive by but not “seeing” us.   This was forever embedded in my mind.   As we approached the city entrance, the sounds were more boisterous, and children were running still on the streets and vendors were hawking their hot and fresh food items.

It was only when I returned home that something dawned on me.  Why was it so quiet at the top of the hill where the women were standing outside trying to sell themselves?    Where were the children?


Some of the literature indicates that because the young children can potentially distract or prevent the mother from her “work,”  many of the pimps force the mothers to drug their children so that they remain asleep on the floors under the bed of their mother.   They sleep all through the night, while their mothers work all through the night.


It was such a grieving thought.  But it did explain to me why those streets were not filled with playing children, as I had seen at the city entrance.


We cannot simply watch and hear these things with a vacant attitude.  Join with us in the work to transform lives to give beauty for ashes!

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Because every child matters,