Our Values

Our Vision

To fight human trafficking, to prevent it and to end it before it starts. 


To Love, Transform and Reintegrate victims of Human Trafficking, those born with Craniofacial Deformities and those affected by Natural Disasters.

LWR fights human trafficking in serving those children, women and men currently suffering in forced labor and/or slavery conditions. Our Project Butterfly center in Mumbai, India teaches women trapped in slavery basic education, sewing and tailoring skills that will empower them with sustainable businesses and set them free.

LWR is dedicated to helping children and adults born with facial birth defects by working with our US and international partners to bring life-changing, reconstructive surgical procedures to those of the developing world. Through aggressive, but culturally sensitive awareness training, we are reaching the children and teaching their neighbors to support rather than shun. In the developing world, these children are at risk for being sold to organ harvesters and other trafficking networks.  Prevention is a key, and training is conducted during medical camps and with health care workers.  

LWR understands that when natural disasters strike, children and youth are at high risk for being trafficked in the chaos that follows a disaster.  We are committed to take measures to end human trafficking of these vulnerable potential victims, before it even starts.