Monday marked an amazing battle in the heavens with the sun and moon.  For a time, the sun disappeared and the earth became cool 🙂


According to ancient literature, people formed various reasons for why the sun disappeared from the sky.  From that, various superstitions and myths were birthed. Food that is prepared during an eclipse is unpure and poisoned, therefore, people are advised to remain fasting during an eclipse.  To some, an eclipse means disaster and destruction is imminent.  In Mexico, pregnant women are advised to wear red underwear to protect their baby from a cleft palate.


Devika and her mother at their home in rural Karnataka.

Devika and her mother at their home in rural Karnataka.

Beautiful girls like our patient Devika were born with bilateral cleft lip and palate.  The mother of Devika was shunned from the village after her birth.  She had told Santhosh and myself that villagers called her demon possessed, saying that she had walked out during an eclipse.


What a horrible burden to put on mothers.  As if we don’t carry enough guilt or pain, add on that if your baby is born with a facial birth defect, it’s because YOU stepped out during an eclipse.


There’s no proof, no medical science, nothing to prove any of the above.  You must protect your eyes, and that’s the medical advice to remember.  For fun, wear the red underwear, no one will check 🙂


The other thing to keep in mind is what is written in Psalms 19 “The heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament shows his handiwork.”   His glory is shown every day, with every sunrise and sunset.  But on Monday, in the USA, His glory was revealed magnificently and beautifully in the heavens.    And EVERYONE saw it!!


God bless you!