I had a few extra minutes this morning to iron my clothes and prepare for work after we sent the kids off to school. I happened to notice that my calendar above the ironing table was still on October. So I pulled down the calendar and a paper about National Orphan Sunday fell out. I stopped to read a story about a couple who decided to become foster parents. They wanted to house and care for kids who were abandoned or had no parents to care for them, until the state government finds someone to adopt them. So one day this couple gets the call to see if they can on an emergency basis take care of a young boy named Duane (not real name). They agree to and Duane comes to their home. He spends several days there and begins to get comfortable. The mother of the house goes one morning to do the laundry in the laundry room, and he follows her. When he sees her pick up the bleach bottle, he immediately screams, “Please don’t put it in my eyes, please, I’ve been a good boy.” She immediately drops everything to console and comfort him.

I wept after reading the story. And all day long while at work and at home, I could not get the story out of my head. I began to pray for the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of children who are orphaned, physically tortured, sexually abused, neglected and hungry. I finally shouted at God. You have given me this passion to defend them. But what do you want me to do? I need an answer.

The crying, praying and interceding on the behalf of the children is necessary and appropriate. But I pray to know what to do with this passion for the children. I request your prayers. I asked God for an answer before 2011 comes. He must show me how and show me the way to help the children.

Here’s a song that illustrates this beautifully.

Psalms 32:8

Because every child matters!