Lessons from the Pretend Gardener

I don’t know how you garden, but for me I do not have a green thumb.  It’s brown actually, lol.   One lesson I have learned over the years, however, is that a great time to weed the garden is after rain.  The weeds come out so much easier, and the roots too!


The only problem is when there is a dry spell, and somehow the weeds still grow.   It’s so difficult to pull them by the roots!   As  I was thinking of that this morning and looking at the roses in my front yard, and the accompanying weeds, I thought about the dew that moisturizes the flower beds.   Maybe I can still get those weeds this morning!


It reminded me of the passage from Isaiah 55, about the Word of God.  Isaiah shares in verse 10 that the rain, snow that comes from heavens does not return to the heavens, until it accomplishes what it is supposed to do.  It waters the earth, making it bring forth and bud so that it gives seed to the one who is sowing, and bread to the one who is eating.    He goes on to explain that God’s Word over you and over me is just like the rain from heaven.   His promise to you does not return to Him void.   His promise to you will accomplish what He pleases and it will prosper in the place that He sends it.


Sometimes the promise seems so far in the opposite direction, because of our present circumstances.  I encourage you that the Promise of God will not return to Him void.   Be confident in this very thing that He which started a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ, from Philippians 1:6!



May God bless you and strengthen you today!