Dear Readers,

It has been FOREVER since I have updated the blog.  The title tells it all.  There have been many dark days.

Have you ever had a string of dark days?  Just no good news anywhere.  And everywhere you look there seems to be more darkness, discouragement and depression.

This is getting morbid, isn’t it?  🙂


Don’t worry, this is where the voice of truth comes in.  In Mark 5:34 there is an interesting story of Jesus  being caught by Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue.  He comes to Jesus asking for the healing of his twelve year old daughter.  On the walk to Jairus’ house, people come running to Jairus with a message that his daughter is dead.   “Why do you need to trouble the Master?”   And immediately after these people gave their bad report, Jesus turns to Jairus and says, “Don’t be afraid, Only believe.”    It was the voice of Truth.   This passage just lifted me out of the darkness and gave me such encouragement and hope.  Yes, there are bad reports from all sides.  The medical reports, the work reports, the family reports.  Everywhere I turned, I wept over the reports of the world.

But the report of my Heavenly Father is do not be afraid, only believe.  This is my strength now.  I believe what His word says, and I know what my inheritance and rights are because of the price Jesus paid for the world.  Friends, don’t be afraid when you hear the world’s reports about you, instead believe what your Father says about you.  I love this song by Casting Crowns, and I pray it blesses you.


Because every child matters!