40 years?!?!

I remember growing up  thinking that when my parents were in their “40s” they were considered OLD.


Ah, well.  How time does fly!!  🙂   🙂


And how history repeats itself!  My children whispering to each other, “Mom is OLD!   Mom has gray hair!”


I heard a statement from author and radio show host, Mr Eric Metaxas that I want  to paraphrase :  “The 40 & under generation get it.  They understand abortion.  They know that they could have been one of the aborted.”

susan and parents

Susan and her parents

I was thinking over that statement, and trying to place myself in my parents’ shoes forty years ago.    They were still newlyweds and could still be considered new to the USA.   They did not eat three solid meals every day, sometimes going days without food.  The language differences, the low socioeconomic status, poor housing all could have contributed to one simple and easy decision when they found out they were expecting their first child.       I have to ask myself, why did they choose me?     It was the easier road, less burdensome road to make a different choice that day they found out they were pregnant.  They have shown multiple times over my life span the rewards for taking the road less traveled.  They have shown me that hard work and sacrifice does pay off at the end of the day.  They have shown me that simply trusting the Lord, and not leaning on your own understanding opens doors that you may not have ever imagined.


So while I appreciate the birthday wishes and the jokes about reaching 40,  I honor my parents for choosing life, and choosing me.  And I encourage you to do so as well!


Love you so much mom and dad!!!   God bless you, and thank you for giving me life!