There has been a lot of talk in 2012 regarding the “war on women” and the “woman’s vote.” This is true in regards to the election year, I’m not sure that it is much of an issue otherwise.


I am not here to tell you whom to vote for, just advising that you do go to the polls with eyes wide open. We believe at LWR that we exist “because every child matters.” For that matter, there would be no child, if there was no mother (or father). Every child matters.


Since 1973, 54 million abortions have occurred in the US alone. You read that right, 54 million babies who were taken from the safety of the womb to be discarded, their life light whisked out. Close to 500 physicians signed a public declaration indicating “Abortion is never necessary to save the life of the

mother.” (American Life League)


Then, is abortion necessary at all? People, we each have the right to choose our mate. You and I can choose our political party. But don’t you dare hide behind the word “choice” when it comes to the life of a baby.You must say it as it is. You either are declaring life or death when it comes to an “unintended pregnancy.” Only 8% of abortions fall in the category of source as rape, incest or mother’s health. Personal reasons are cited for the 92% remaining, according the the National Right to life website.



It is PAST time to stand up for the lives of the children that were destroyed before their time. It is an enemy called Satan who comes to steal,kill, and destroy. Jesus Christ came to give life, and life more abundant. If you don’t believe me, take the time to visit the National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga. You will weep when you read the plaques and grave markers of the aborted children whose parents and sometimes grandparents have placed in their honor. How they wish they could turn back the clock.We can’t turn it back. However, we can declare today that we will stand up for the right to life of our children. If you don’t want your child, then give them to me, as Mother Teresa said. I will take care of them. Every child matters. No one is unwanted.



So, yes, there is a war on women. The war to make women think that they have no alternative but death in the case of an unintended pregnancy. The war to make women think that people are trying to dictate what you can or cannot do to your body. The fact is this baby is a new life, separate from yours and mine, that is temporarily housed and sheltered in the womb. And because every child matters, no matter the race, sex, disability or appearance, they deserve life.



Go to the polls and let your voice be heard. There are 54 million voices who will never be heard.



Because every child matters!