I’ve always heard my friends advise that one should avoid going to WalMart late at night due to the shady crowds that can frequent the supermarket.  Normally, I would not be going late at night, but it was unavoidable so  Santhosh and I made the trek into the local store.  While the shopping was uneventful, once we returned to our car, the excitement began.


We saw a police officer chase a man across the parking lot.  This middle aged man ran to my side of the car, while the police officer remained at the driver’s side of the car.   He told Santhosh not to move the vehicle and so we just stayed parked in the middle of Walmart’s parking lot.  The criminal ran using our vehicle as a shield from the police officer.  They both ran around our vehicle and yelled at each other from across the van.  This continued for a few minutes, and the officer called for back up.  He finally motioned for Santhosh to drive ahead.  He peeled out trying to make it easy for the officer to catch the criminal.  Within minutes, several other officers arrived on the scene and the criminal was head down on the police car.  (Just a quick reminder, always lock your doors as soon as you enter your vehicle!!)


We were marveling at the courage of the officers.  They lay their life down every day for strangers.  We don’t always see the good, but I am so grateful for the safe environment the Chattanooga Police Department was trying to create for me and my family.  Our police officers do this every day.  The next time you do see an officer, think about passing a Zaxby’s gift card or a word of encouragement to them.   They should hear more from us.  If we did not have the rules and the laws, then we would live in even more chaos.  May God be with our officers and leadership and give them supernatural wisdom and direction and protection as they work so hard to serve and protect us.


God bless you all!