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Shivu was born in a remote village outside of Bangalore. His mother was so harassed by her husband and by the villagers because of his simple cleft lip, that she ended her life. Shivu’s father remarried, and left him in the village to the care of his grandparents and aunt. This story is not uncommon in developing countries. The social stigma of a cleft lip and palate is unbearable in these communities. Shivu has a new life now, thanks to his lip repair. He is going to be an amazing young man!
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Aishwarya charmed us all with her laughter and her playfulness. She brought joy to the entire LWR staff at one of the camps held outside of Bangalore. Her mother told us that her husband left them after Aishwarya was born. He could not bear the sight of her, and tried multiple times to murder his own daughter. She is safe now. Aishwarya will be able to speak and be her own voice with her cleft palate repair. This is one young lady who could easily have been sold to human traffickers, but her destiny has changed, thanks to your support!