Tennessee was whooped, and Philip laughed in Georgia’s face!

PhilFootball-youngI’m not sure when Philip started loving football.  I have a feeling something invaded his system through osmosis from this preschool       picture!! He started with just watching the games on television, then watching old documentaries and films on the internet.  The statistics and facts that are stored in his memory amazes me. (How can he NOT remember where he kept his black dress socks?!?)   He would have loved to play for the McCallie School’s football team, unfortunately for him, his pediatrician (and me, his mother) will not give clearance to play contact sports.  Philip, did not let that stop him.  He approached the head football coach and asked if he needed an assistant.  This will be Philip’s third year in a supporting/managerial role for the football team, and he loves every minute of it.


He has this competitive streak in him as well.  We don’t need to even mention the Baylor – McCallie rivalry!!!   It extends to the SEC and the NFL.   No one beats his Vols or his Titans and goes unscathed!!   Unfortunately, this weekend BOTH the Vols and the Titans lost!  🙁  Philip - football


Well, after Tennessee’s horrible 41-0 loss to Georgia, we were ministering on Sunday morning at the Atlanta Revival Center in Douglasville, Georgia.   There were many in the audience who were proudly wearing their Georgia Bulldog Red and Black!!   Well, before introducing Philip to come and speak, Pastor Vance made the church announcements, one of which was a men’s retreat where they would cook “any wild meat” and treat the men in attendance.  I saw Philip suddenly sit up, perk up and smile.  My heart sank, what was going on his mind? He was introduced and his first words to the Pastor and to the church congregation was about the men’s retreat.  “So, Pastor Vance, since you will be cooking alligator and any other meat at the retreat, how about some bulldog?”    My mind immediately thought of Jesus at the temple and how he escaped the Jews who picked up stones to throw at him.  Where is the nearest fire exit?!?  This boy continued on with his testimony, and in between “With God nothing is impossible, even for the Volunteers!”


The congregation was generous and loving to us all, rolling in the aisles with Philip’s comments.  But boy, for a while there, I was worried for Philip!  It is amazing how the Lord can use the weak to confound the mighty.  Many may look at children with disabilities and think there is nothing good that can come out of them.  But in the Master Potter’s hands, all things are possible for those who believe!!