Ten Years Old!

Well, on July 27, 2000, Philip Mathews was born.  I cannot believe it has been ten years.  How the time flies.  I must give thanks to God for his great faithfulness to us!  Philip said of his birthday again, “this is the best birthday ever!” 

What a long way we have come since 2000.  If I only knew then what I knew now, maybe my life would’ve been different.  Maybe I would have trusted God more.  Maybe I would have more faith.  I am not really sure.  I just am thankful to God for His mercy, and for second chances. 

We had our family over for supper, and I reminded Santhosh that Philip’s first birthday party was in our home also.  We had decorated the house and because it was his first birthday, Wal mart gave us a small special cake for the ‘baby.’  As the entire youth group and family gathered around to sing to baby Philip, he began to cry.  He refused to touch his special cake, as we wanted him to lick the icing or touch the cake.  He cried and refused to touch anything.   I began to cry myself as I remembered that day, and to think about where he is today.  How far he has come!!  He loves to eat almost anything now.  He is talking so much better now.  How great my God is.

Friends, I know you may also be struggling through a difficult time.  Remember He is in control.  Our God is faithful.  His purpose will be fulfilled.  Please pray that you fall into His perfect will for your life.  We love you so much and pray that God give you His perfect strength.  That strength will carry us on in our weakness.

Because every child matters!