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The founders, Susan and Santhosh Mathews, started Love Without Reason as a result of their experiences with their son Philip Mathews who was born with Goldenhar’s Syndrome. Despite reports from doctors suggesting that Philip would be born dead; and a recommendation to abort the baby in the womb, Susan and Santhosh continued with the pregnancy. Miraculously, Philip was born – born alive in July of 2000. LWR was born out of a dream that that every child should be given a chance; a chance at being born, a chance at life and dignity, and a chance to live a full life, Because Every Child Matters.

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Santhosh Mathews is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with an MBA in Business Administration. Santhosh worked as a webmaster for several major US companies before leaving his corporate career to pursue the mission of Love Without Reason.

Susan Mathews received her undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Nursing before completing her Master of Science in Nursing. Susan worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner for several years before resigning from the corporate world to pursue her passion to fight human trafficking and spearhead LWR’s medical operations. Susan is also the author of “A Mother’s Heart” which highlights the hope of a mother with a special needs child.