Just like no two fingerprints or no two snowflakes are alike, no two sunsets are alike. Last night, as I was leaving my job walking through the parking lot, I could not help but notice the beautiful sunset. It was a gorgeous set of colors. I love looking at sunsets. I always have. It’s been very unusual that over the past few years, I’ve noticed that on several occasions when I am feeling at an all time low, and searching for answers that I will notice a beautiful sunset. It’s almost like the rainbow in the sky and the promise of no more flooding as Noah received in the book of Genesis.

I was reading a book, and the author was saying how much she loved starfish. I can’t remember the title, but she was going through personal struggles and as she was on the beach crying, she came to a cove that was filled with… guessed it, Starfish!

She was encouraging the readers that God knows and understands our hearts. He ministers and speaks to us in different ways. I just don’t believe in coincidences. I know that through the sunsets, God has been gently reminding me that He is in control.

I was encouraged by a friend’s testimony regarding her job, last week. In my issues with my job, I know I serve a God who creates something out of nothing. He reminded me with that sunset again last night. And though it is raining now 🙂 I know my God is in control. He is a Creator who transforms emptiness and nothingness to fullness and beauty. Though this is a hard journey and difficult lesson to understand, I know He hears me when I call. The reminder was in the sunset.

God bless you all.