Speaking Engagements

Philip has been having his own “speaking engagments” over the past few months. We were in Oklahoma visiting my sweet family for Easter weekend. It so happened that their church was having their own special meetings with Evg. Felix (I can’t spell his last name). Saturday night the church leadership asked if Philip would share his testimony as well. It seems that many in that church already knew that Philip could sing. So some in the audience encouraged him to sing for the church as well.

Philip just briefly shared parts of his testimony, and then sang “He knows my name.” Then the church together blessed him in prayer. I pray that he will continue to be used for the glory of God. He is able to encourage people with his own testimony and song. Some say just seeing him is a blessing and encouragement to them.

Please keep us in prayer. We want to do all to follow through in the plan God has designed for Philip. We know as is written in Revelations 17 of the ones with the Lamb are called, chosen, and faithful. This was a beautiful message relayed by Evg. Felix. We are all called. If we respond to the call by God, then move to ‘chosen.’ Now, the question is in the midst of disappointments, trials, and discouragement, will we be faithful?

I thought a lot about LWR. We have responded to the call. In the middle of the difficulties and discouragements, I want to be faithful. Sometimes, people and things get so discouraging, and we get caught up in the non-important issues. Pray that we be faithful. I know God has given us Philip, for at least one reason, to build LWR and to empathize with the children who suffer with consequences of birth defects. If our God is for us, who can stand against us? God bless you!

Because every child matters!