Second Medical Camp

I have said it before, Our God is an on time GOD.  Never late, never early, always on time.  Sometimes we don’t understand the timing, but in all things He is good.  On July 28, we held our second medical camp in Channapatna, outside Bangalore, India.  There were many children and adults who came with cleft lip, cleft palate, small jaw, absent ear.  It was unreal how many times I picked up Philip’s picture to show the patients “nanna magu,” my child. 🙂


There are 17 operations that our team can do from the patients out of this camp.  We are so excited.  🙂   I still cannot get over the words of comfort that we could speak to these families.  Truly, through our suffering and worries over the past twelve years, God has given us grace to minister comfort, as is written in 2 Corinthians chapter one.  Please pray for these children and adults.  May the Lord guide us in this venture of transforming vessels.


Because every child matters!