Polite’s Missing Father

Polite was 14-years old when we met him in Zimbabwe in June 2017 at the first medical mission of Love Without Reason.  He had lived for 14 years with a cleft lip.  His surgery was successful, and when the LWR team returned to Zimbabwe in February 2018, we were able to visit his family at their home outside of Harare.  

Polite's mother said that she had only daughters, and finally she gave birth to a son, Polite.  When her husband saw Polite's cleft lip, he walked out on the family.  Mama worked to raise her children, knowing she would never be able to afford Polite's cleft lip repair.  He persevered through school, enduring the taunts, jeers and laughter.  

His story broke my heart.  Before we left his home. I told Polite, "You have an earthly father, but you also have a Heavenly Father.  His promise is that He will never leave you or forsake you.  Do you believe that?"   Polite nodded.  He said, "I know God's promise is for me.  This alone gives me hope."  

Father's Day can be a day of mixed emotions.  There are those remembering the fathers who have passed from this world.  There are men who never fathered children.  There are men who are anticipating and praying that one day they will become a father.  There are children who are orphans, and children who never knew their father.  

The local church in Zimbabwe understood something from Polite's life story.  The men of the church decided they would bring groceries, spend time with Polite, and try to influence him with the heart to become a champion.  

For all the Fathers and for all the father figures of our world, Happy Father's Day!   We love you and we bless you,