What a nasty word.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was looking through Factory Card Outlet’s Halloween costume catalog. You guessed it, there was a costume for ‘pimp.’ Who would want to be one? Even as a joke?

And yet, we hear the word used in various forms, to describe various things. Sometimes the word can also be used to glorify a person’s appearance or to speak about someone in high terms.

To our young people who are tortured, abused, and enticed by these glorified hellions, the word pimp sends shudders of fear. I urge you to do everything to tear apart and put down this word. Educate people when they use the term to glorify a person. Tell them what pimps do. Tell them about the anguish and pain of young people. Tell them of the threats, the physical and sexual and emotional abuse that pimps place on our young people. Tell them they are of the devil, because they know how to deceive and entice, and once the bait is taken, our young people are killed. All you have to do is look at the cages in Mumbai, or the hollow eyes of the street kids in Atlanta to understand the lack of value or respect of life by these pimps.

With the help of God, we will press on until justice is served for the sake of the next generation.

Because every child matters!