Well, if you are Titans fan, you have probably heard the word ‘GOAT’ and Mariota used simultaneously after Sunday’s win against the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Unfortunately, it was a game I could not see, only hear Caleb’s reading off the play by play highlights.  We were driving home from Atlanta at the time.

I could not get over the 4th down and impossible that Mariota faced, which converted to first down and ten.  I knew I had to see the highlights.  Even though I knew the Titans would win, I felt myself worrying over each throw, questioning the plays, and debating the ultimate outcome.  

I already knew who won the game, why was I so anxious?  

Suddenly, I was reminded isn`t this the same battle I fight on a daily basis?  I worry and doubt and debate within myself about the health of the children, the mortgage, the ministry, the driving.  I know the battle has already been won.  I know who the winner is!   The price has been paid for redemption, for healing, for every curse and we have the power and authority to fight and win against every evil power.  

No time to worry and despair now, especially when you know you are the winner.  It`s time to #RiseUp or #TitanUp (please excuse all the #NFLCliches, it only happens in the Fall).  

Take the authority and power you have been given and go forward.  #OvercomeEvilWithGood

love you,