Per the State of Tennessee….

phil reading

Philip preparing for his speech in Kerala 2013

The month of May was filled with a battery of tests for Philip.  In accordance with rules with education, as Philip will be transitioning into high school (sniff, sniff) in the 2015 school year, he will have to be tested for special education, developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Basically, what is needed for him to succeed in the school year, per his educational team’s testing results.


Well, his vision therapist said with a vision of 20/25 in his only eye, he cannot qualify for vision services.  However, he is advised as far as making accomodations for the font size of tests, scan trons and etc.  This is necessary for him, as tracking and depth perception will continue to be an issue for him until he has vision in two eyes.


His speech therapist gave a score of 80/100 per his goals on the IEP created for this school year.  There is so much that Philip can control with his speech.  As a high schooler, he also has the realization that people do not understand him, and easily adjusts or repeats as is necessary.  His school counselor did indicate that on the April radio interview on WGOW with Mr Jeff Styles, she could understand him clearly in the conversation.  This is not an easy feat, since it is over radio, and you cannot watch the lips of the speaker.


His developmental testing did indicate that he is fully on track and an “average” student when it comes to math, language, vocabulary skills.  The consistent issue in his testing results was that Philip did need more time to take the tests.  Strain, vision, scoliosis, all contributes to his fluency skills.  And, therefore, per the state of Tennessee, Philip is no longer considered as requiring special education, developmental or intellectual disabled or impaired, and is released from their evaluation


As I reflected on these results, I could not help but think of the CT results of his brain.  Both reports, one from 2000, and one from 2014 indicated that the appearance and shape of his brain would commit him to a life of special education, seizure activity, and there would be no cure to his disorder.


Interesting, isn’t it?  The report that the world gives about me, and the report that God says about me.  Because Jesus paid a price and took my sickness and sin on Him, I walk in healing.  Philip walks healed.  Jesus changed everything for you and me, if we only believe Him.  🙂


God bless and encourage you this week, friends!!  Believe God’s report about YOU!