Mothers Day 2010

I woke up this mother’s day to rush to church for praise and worship preparation. The family was all awake by 8am, but only Philip came and wished me a happy mother’s day, before even brushing his teeth. 🙂

I’ve given mothers a lot of thought this past week. I have been a mother for ten years now!! God is faithful and I’m grateful for the honor. I visited the Memorial for the Unborn last week and couldn’t help but cry as I read various memorials by moms and dads who were grieving over the children they had aborted. I had to stop and say a prayer for those moms. Then there is a memorial for the babies who were miscarried. So many women desire to be moms, yet have been unsuccessful. I had to remember those “moms” too. And then there are those women yet to be mothers. Pray for them as well, in faith believing they will one day be mothers.

You women give a lot of influence and hold so much in your hands in your daily ministering to your children. Never for a moment think you are just a “mom” or just a “woman.” God has entrusted something so precious and unique to mothers. So much of a child’s future and destiny is powerfully tied to the mother of that child. Speak positive words of influence to your children. At every available opportunity, guide them and instruct them on the ways of our God. Most importantly, be an example, a model of Christ’s love for them while here on earth.

God bless you this mother’s day and everyday!

Because every child matters!