LWR had a "celebration" tour of sorts in celebrating the milestone 10 years in Chattanooga, TN and also in Elmont, New York!  We could be coming to a city near you, keep your eyes peeled!

One of the featured young men during these events was young Harsha and his mother, Bharathi.  Her story brought so many memories to my mind, that I became overwhelmed during the interview.  Bharathi was 24 years old when her son with a cleft lip and palate was born. She talked about the loneliness and grief in caring for her son, in the midst of the questions for his future.  Her husband could not bear to see Harsha, and left the family.  Bharathi had no family locally that could help her with her children. 

She was definitely an example of a strong mother who fought fiercely for her child.  She was the best advocate for him.  She found a way to get both cleft lip and eventually cleft palate repaired with LWR.  She nurtured Harsha and followed Dr. Sathish's instructions to ensure the best outcome for her son.  

In this month when mothers are celebrated, LWR honors mothers like Bharathi who inspire and encourage us to continue the fight, in spite of the obstacles.  Keep pressing on, 

Until The World Is Cleft-Free!