Mccallie-Baylor game

Even though Philip has just started at the Mccallie School, over “spirit week,” he became very hyped about the big football game between their rival, Baylor School. I was amazed how disappointed he was that Mccallie had lost. In just one week, this young sixth grader dove into “Big Blue” and “Go Mccallie, beat Baylor!” He was extremely passionate about a win over “Big Red.”

It is curious to see how we as humans do certain things, say certain words and endorse certain concepts. It is bravery to speak up in the middle of crisis kind of events. I heard on the radio about a young Nigerian woman, Oblanuju Ekeocha, who wrote an open letter to Mrs. Melinda Gates, after learning of Gates’ desire to give $4.6 billion worth of contraceptive drugs and devices into Africa.

Ms Ekeocha talks about the welcome party a new baby receives when born into a village. “Once the baby arrives, they (the mothers) gracefully and heroically rise into the maternal mode.” She explains to Mrs Gates that she witnessed at least 12 babies born every year in her life. “Amidst all our African afflictions and difficulties, amidst all the socioeconomic and political instabilities, our babies are always a firm symbol of hope, a promise of life, a reason to strive for the legacy of a bright future.”

The letter goes on to say what is really needed in Africa: such as food programs for children, good healthcare systems, higher education opportunities, chastity programs, protection of women from sex trafficking, prostitution. While 4.6 billion dollars is a wonderful legacy for an underdeveloped country, Ms Ekeocha feels that a legacy of ‘child free sex’ for the African woman will send the wrong message.

I believe this is a message even for the rest of the world. It’s not about a woman’s liberation. We are talking about a baby, a new life. For all of our advances in technology, we have lost what Ms Ekeocha knows from her African heritage. Every child matters.

Because every child matters!!