Letter to Philip

A Mother's Heart

A Mother’s Heart

Dear Philip

Today is your birthday.  Fifteen years ago, we held you for the first time!  Mom and Dad called you Philip, and you gazed at us with your one wide eye.  You were not crying.  You were so peaceful.  Dad said that you were telling me “thank you” for giving you life.  We were so in love with you!


You have come a long way since your day of birth!  Sometimes, we made some progress, then we would fall two steps backwards.  But you would not let that deter you; you just kept going like nothing ever happened.  You started walking.  You started talking.  You started eating.  You began to embrace and make new friends.  Your personality began to bloom, and we could only watch in amazement, because we remembered the poor reports we were given about you on your birthday.


Now you are a young man.  Your voice has changed.  You have a little moustache 🙁

Your moods have changed (Lord, help me).   You are understanding the consequences of your actions.  You grasp a simple truth and promise from God and hold to it no matter the situation.    You have inspired me and motivated me to be a better mom.  To be more than I was yesterday.


I look forward to the road ahead of you.  Like you have said, it is a cruel world out there.  But don’t allow the negative voices to influence you.  Seek Jesus first.  Keep your eyes on Him.  Stay grounded in the Word.  I believe you will go far in this life, more than we ever dreamed or imagined, when you heed these truths.


Remember that we always will love you.  We are praying for you.

with love,