Hello friends,

I wanted to let you know that Philip had his routine visit with his spine surgeon, who is monitoring his scoliosis. The curve in Philip’s back was first noted in 2003. Treatment began by him wearing a brace in an attempt to slow the progression of the curve. At that time I believe the curve was about 30 degrees. We are trying everything to avoid spine surgery. I had mentioned before that Philip would be treated in India with ayurverdic treatments in an attempt to correct the curvature. He takes various herbal medications and continues to wear his back brace now.

The curve has worsened to 90 degrees, per this recent measurement. The good thing is that his spine is flexible. Therefore, our surgeon says it is medically appropriate that Philip continue the herbal treatments. However, I cannot help but think of his endurance and effect on his heart and lungs.

Philip came to me one day after school and said he just could not run during recess and be “it” in the game tag because he was tired after running. He also occasionally says that his back is hurting.

I do not know where else to look, but up to the God who says He is our help, our healer and our provider. O Jesus, we are looking to you, where else can we go?

Even if Philip had surgery, there will not be a 100% correction of the curve. But I serve a God who is mighty to save, who is a God of the impossible, who is a God who gives hope, when there is no hope.

Please agree with us in the miracle of Philip’s healing. May the bones line up and come together with just His Word, which heals our disease!

God bless and strengthen you!