LWR Foundation

Love Without Reason Foundation was established in Cochin, India in 2012 as a Charitable Trust under the leadership of Mr. George P.V. Since 2012 LWRF has helped patients receive free facial surgeries, which includes Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, TMJ Ankylosis, Nasal Deformities, etc.

The International Craniofacial Institute reports that one in 700 children are born with a Cleft Lip or Palate. Each year about 35-40,000 babies are born with clefts in India. An estimated 1 million cases of untreated clefts exists in India; most cannot afford the cost of surgeries and are condemned to suffer their whole life in isolation and shame.

Afflicted boys and girls are considered “cursed” and killed or abandoned. Most abandoned children live in the shadows and are reduced to begging, while others are trafficked for sex. More horrifying is the fact that some of these children are supported only so that they may be used in the growing black market for organ harvesting by “organ harvesters/trafficker” who sell human organs for obscene profits.


LWRF arranges medical camps in search of children of all ages with facial birth defects. Each village surrounding the camp location is blanketed with publicity for facial deformities. The camp day, families arrive and are registered and contact information is recorded for each patient. Then, they are screened by the maxillofacial surgeon and the treatment plan is set. The hospital that is working with the surgeon and LWRF will coordinate the surgery date for the patient.

Transportation for the patient and parents from the rural village to the hospital will be paid for by LWRF. The lodging and meals for the parents and caregivers of the patient will be arranged. Normally, the surgeon will anticipate that the surgery will require the patient to be hospitalized for at least a week. Therefore, the physical needs of this family will be met by LWRF during this hospitalization. The medical staff use the opportunity during the week of hospitalization to train and educate the parents regarding wound care, diet, nutrition, activity restriction, and follow up care.