I dare you to read UNPLANNED!

I came across Abby Johnson’s book titled “Unplanned” while at the library, and finally finished it!  For those of you who don’t know her story, I won’t spoil it for you here.  Except to tell you that she worked for Planned Parenthood for seven years, starting out as a volunteer, then working up to Clinic Director!   I do urge you to read this powerful book!!


Two things I learned in my book study.     God’s redeeming grace is truly amazing grace.   No matter the past, the crimes of the present, and our future, how HE loves you and me!!   He pursues us.  To see the plan and heart of the Lord in loving Ms Abby and calling to her spirit was emotional.  And I was only reading it!   He loves you, my friend.  He loves me!  Even though I was far from Him, though I was not clean, a lost cause;  yet He came to save me!!


Secondly, no matter what the circumstance is, there is power in prayer.  We know that our fight is not seen in the physical realm, but in the spiritual.  We are so powerful on our knees before the Lord.  In the book of Daniel, where he begins his prayer and sees no immediate response, after 3 weeks the angel tells him a message.  “From the first day of your prayer, I came with the answer.  But the devil and enemy fought for 21 days against me.” (from Daniel 10).    There were dedicated prayer warriors with the Coalition for Life in Bryan, Texas who were praying for Ms Abby for YEARS.  They recognized the leader she was, and also the compassion she demonstrated for the young women entering the clinic for abortions.   Instead of hating or badgering her, they prayed.    And the rest is history.


Do you want to see what an abortion looks like?  Read this book.   Ever hear the words “empty uterus?”     How about a physician jokingly say, “Beam me up, Scotty” as the uterus which once held a baby, is now empty?  Don’t believe the lie that these babies don’t feel pain.  See what happens when the suction probe prods the baby in the womb.  There was no place for that baby to escape the pain.


I dare you to read this first hand account of what truly is going on in Planned Parenthood meetings, and in their clinics. Ms Abby was a hard worker, she won the favored Employee of the Year award in 2008.  She is here to give us the facts, because she was there and saw everything firsthand.

I dare you to read this book.

Do it, Because Every Child Matters!