I was reading and researching the glossary of terms with respect to sex trafficking from Shared Hope International.  Unbelievably, the term “daddy” is on the list.  Apparently, it is the name some pimps will command the young ladies, who have been taken from their homes and their security, to call him.

Can you imagine anything more inhuman?  To use a word that commands love, respect, and brings memories of happiness and protection, and twist it in the worst psychological way to describe a human who will sell your body repeatedly to make money.  For the young women who may not have good memories of an earthly father, and only know evil in terms of him; well, I guess it is moving from one evil to another.  But for the young woman who was loved by her earthly father, how the contrast between the two men must burn for her.

I pray that all would know that no matter how the relationship is with the earthly father and father figure (using that term disparagingly), there is a Heavenly Father who loves, who knew her before she was born, and who died for her.  This Father is the ultimate example.  Even though the earthly fathers fail, our Heavenly Father does not change.  His Word and His Promise will not change.  He promises, “I will be with you, even to the end of the world.”


We are praying for you.  May each us understand the depth of our Father’s love.