Last week’s praise and worship team sang Chris Tomlin’s  ‘Jesus Messiah.’  I kept meditating on the lines which sing “all our hope is in You.”   Truly, over the past few weeks, I have realized that my hope cannot lie anywhere else, but in Him.

In the midst of struggles, pain, trials, tears and questions, I can only look to God and say, all my hope is in you!  Santhosh had given a message a few weeks ago on ‘ The God who saves.’   When we look at the struggles and pain and trials that we all go through,  there is only so much that we can physically do about those situations.  Yet when we  walk by faith, we will see the impossible and believe.

We must know that ‘I am limited in what I myself can do about this problem. ‘

 Only God can help me resolve it.  This is the God whom we serve. 

No matter what the situation is, dear friends, remember this God who we serve.  He has a plan and a purpose for each one’s life.  His purpose WILL prevail.  In spite of what our concern is for others or the trials we go through, God’s perfect will must be accomplished.  Submit yourself to God’s holy will, and trust Him.

Love you so much and God bless,