I guess that I shouldn’t leave myself thinking about Hagar’s tears. 🙂 Last night at church I heard a great thought about Hagar’s eyes, and it encouraged me. If you read her story in Genesis 21, you see that she was weeping because there was nothing to feed her son with in the wilderness. She left her son under some shrubs, and walked away crying. The angel of God speaks to her and says “God has heard the boy’s voice.” And the next verse says God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water.

The well had been there before, it was just that her eyes were not opened to see it. Even for us, we pray for a miracle in our life and in our situations. Sometimes, however, the miracle is right in front of us, it’s just that our eyes aren’t opened.

Philip had his sleep study, and the recommendation was for him to wear a BIPAP to sleep. We are working with him in getting used to the apparatus. I praise God that there was no recommendation for a tracheostomy; I will claim it as a miracle that was right in front of me. Now, I am waiting to see a miracle in regards to his spine. The miracle is right in front of my eyes, I believe it!!

God bless and strengthen you. Let faith arise in your lives.

Because every child matters!