Hello Friends,

Though summer is a vacation for the children, the parents do NOT get a vacation!! I love to see the kids enjoying themselves, but sometimes it is overwhelming! 🙂

We have been spending some time in prayer, seeking God’s will for our lives, and for Philip’s life. It has definitely been a beautiful time of prayer and revelation. God is so good. We are so grateful for His love and kindness in our lives.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Philip is doing excellent, by God’s grace. He may have some work done on his eyelid, and at the same time have some teeth extracted in the next few weeks.

I wanted to tell you on Mother’s Day that I was going to begin writing a book about our experiences, to be a blessing and encouragement to other parents out there with children with CF syndromes. Unfortunately, I did not get to start it in May, but I have started it now. Please send out your encouragement or thoughts that may have helped you in your own life issues. I cannot wait to see it out and published!

God bless you all and strengthen you for this week!