Easter Story

As Sara, my eleven year old, searched for family pictures on my facebook profile, she came across LOVE 146 recent post.  I read to her the recent rescue of a four-year-old girl from the bondage of sex slavery.  How grieving to read of this evil taking place in our world today!  I briefly explained the need for prayer for all our children to Sara, then I moved on to do some other chores.  I found Sara later in her room with tears in her eyes.  “Mom, I was thinking about JoJo and Izzi and Gabriel (her 4 and 5 year old cousins).  How could someone hurt them when they are so small?”

How indeed.  We read Isaiah 61 and discussed the scripture.  Jesus died on the cross so that we might be set free from the bonds of sin.  If Jesus has set us free, the Bible says, then we are free indeed.  Our prayer is that every man woman and child would know that Christ has come to set us free, no matter what our past.  The Spirit of God is upon us so that we could heal the brokenhearted, set captives free, preach the good news, comfort those who mourn.

I watched as Sara wrote in her journal that evening.  I know that this upcoming generation is going to wreak havoc in the spiritual realm.  When their hearts are turned for the broken and vulnerable, they will passionately rescue and restore them with the gospel of peace.  Pray for this generation.  God is going to use them mightily to break the chains of the enemy and set the prisoners free.  This is the Easter Story.


Because every child matters,