East Hamilton, here we come!

Those are the words Philip shouted Friday at 6:15 in the morning! We had received an invitation to share Philip’s testimony at our local high school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes gathering. While I was extremely excited about the opportunity that my cousin, who is a junior at the high school, presented, I was concerned about Philip’s reaction.

I wondered how he would feel with the sixth through twelfth grade students that would be present in their auditorium. He is a little more conscious of his self these days. 🙁 baby is growing up!!

Initially, he told me that he did not want to go to the high school. I asked him, “What’s the difference in sharing your testimony in Chattanooga versus Trinidad?” And with that he said, “I’ll do it!” 🙂

I shared in brief Philip’s testimony and showed the kids Philip’s baby album. We only had 15 minutes that morning before the students began their day at school. Afterwards, I invited Philip to come to the front to greet everyone. He said Hello, then he told them he wanted to sing a song for them. He sang “He knows my name.” As we were practicing this song the day before, Philip improvised the chorus to say

He knows Your name

He knows Your every thought

He sees each tear that falls

And hears You when You call

He told me that he wanted to end the song with this chorus to encourage the kids. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with the song. It went perfectly.

As it turned out, we learned as we entered the school that morning that one of their students had been accidentally shot the previous night. The senior student, who was on a fast track forward by graduating early, was dead. The school was in mourning. My cousin warned me that people may not want to come in to FCA because of his death.

I believe that God wanted us there for such a time as this. I explained to the students, that my anchor in the time of my personal tragedy and sorrow was the Word of God. This Word does not change. People change. Life happens. Things move on. But the Word of God will never change. That is a Rock that I held on when my life was turned upside down. I encouraged them to also hold on the Word in the middle of their sorrow and tragedy.

Pray for our children. They go through so much these days in school. May God help them to hold on to the standard of His Word, and may His grace strengthen them each day.

Because every child matters,