Do His Promises Still Stand?

I watched Philip roll his backpack across the parking lot, after I dropped him off at the McCallie School.  By the time I curved around the parking lot, I could see him carrying his backpack up the flight of stairs to get out of the parking lot and up to the buildings for his first class.  I knew that he would have to climb a few more flights of stairs in the building to get to his classroom, and he would do that throughout the day in various buildings on campus.  I remember that first day of high school in August 2015 as if it was yesterday.  My prayer that day was for Philip's spine and diagnosis of scoliosis.

 "God, I'm just asking for this one thing.  He has to spend four years on this campus, then college.  He can't just roll a backpack everywhere.  He needs a spine that is straight and strong, a body that is fit so that he can carry things and walk without hindrance.  Help him, heal him today."

The days, months and years have passed and now he's in his senior year at the school, and still with the same struggle.  I mean, what have I missed?  What's wrong with my prayer?  God, do you hear me?

And in this season, I know and I put my trust in God's Word, because frankly, there's no other place that will hold me.  Yet, I'm still waiting.  And I don't understand.  Does His promise still stand?  I teach my kids to study, to meditate and memorize the Word, but I'm still waiting for a Promise to be fulfilled.  Everything I see makes me think that I'm circling the drain and that it will all end, but Does His Promise Still Stand?  

Aaaagh, it's so easy to say these words, but when everything around you and everything you experience with your senses tells you a hard and difficult story, I pray that you and me will cling to the One whose Words will never fail.  He cannot fail in His Word.  Isaiah 55 tells us that His Word is like the rain that comes down from the heavens and does not return to the heavens, but waters the earth, makes it bring forth, bud, give nourishment.  His WORD is just like that!!  It will accomplish what it is called to accomplish, and not simply return void back to the Father.  His Promise Still Stands.    

And as for Philip, I know the Promises spoken over him will come to pass.  I can understand what I see in the physical, but what I see in the spiritual, and what I know from His Word, that the things that are impossible for man, is possible with My God– this is what I hold to, and renew my mind with daily.  

A friend had sent this link to me weeks ago about the story behind the song "Do It Again."   Watch and enjoy!   Remember His Promise Still Stands!

With love and prayers,