Celebrating 10 years…the party continues

In February 2017, Santhosh and I spent an hour in Nairobi, Kenya in transit to Zimbabwe. Something in our suitcase alerted the security officials. As they were examining our bags, they asked us why we were in Africa.

After explaining the mission of LWR, one of the young men told us that the Northern regions of Kenya have no hospital facilities. He knows there are children born with facial birth defects, many in that area who will never get any help.

We left with heavy hearts and the burden that Mr Bill and Mr Frank, the security officials, left us. We prayed for the day to enter Kenya.

On the flight to Zimbabwe in June 2017, we met Apostle Peter Chacha from Kenya. The conversations began, the initial meetings started and in March 2018 the hospital finalized the approval for LWR to enter Kenya for the first mission!!

All glory to God, He has done great things! A team of approximately 30 individuals will gather from India, USA, Zimbabwe to work to transform faces and lives in Kenya.

Will you be a part of this effort? We are counting on you to reach throughout Africa and India! Let’s continue the work…

Until the World is Cleft-Free!!!