Can I Hold You?

ChrisMy youngest nephew, Chris, had the most adorable way of asking to be picked up and held.  We would watch him toddle his way to his mom and dad, latch on to their pant leg and stretch both his arms up to them.  He would ask them, “Can I hold you?”   It was so cute to hear him asking with the mixed up pronouns!!   We loved hearing his phrase, and the picture of him asking this will remain in my head forever!


I was thinking about that picture this month, actually.   Sometimes when the worries and questions in life are overwhelming, I just want to stretch my hands up to my Abba Father, and ask, “Can I hold you?”


As Philip entered his freshman year of school this week, I had so many questions.  His scoliosis generally prevents him from carrying a back pack.  So all during middle school he wheeled his rolling backpack throughout the middle school building.  Now that he is in high school, he actually has to walk thoughout the entire campus of the school.  I asked how he was managing rolling the back pack over the roads, and he said that sometimes he would carry his backpack.  He reassured me that “It’s ok, mom.  It’s no problem for me.”


Today was the first day I saw him grab the backpack from the car and sling it on his back.  He did it with ease, I admit.  But as I drove out of the car line, I cried all the way home.  Lord, how long?   How long, Lord, does he walk like this? He is already bent over, and now he carries this on his back.   I believe he is healed, but I want to “see” it.


Sometimes there is no comfort, no words, no hope in sight.  But in those times, stretch your hands to Him and ask Him to hold you.    This morning as I prayed, He reminded me of Matthew 11:30…”Come to me all who are heavy laden…Take my yoke…my yoke is easy,and my burden is light.”  And I could see then that angels would hold up Philip’s heavy backpack and make sure that the burden was light on him.  Strength will rise as we wait on Him, trusting Him, and knowing His promises are sure and steadfast.


Believe His promises, and believe Him.   He holds us all in His hands.


God bless you!