I recently returned from a mission trip to Guatemala.  Though our focus as a team was on medicines and missions, I did try to read up on the sex trafficking issues in Guatemala.  Apparently in Guatemala City and Antigua, sex trafficking is a tremendous problem.  Prostitution is legal, so long as it is contained in brothels.  The law enforcement is not trained to identify victims of trafficking, or prepared to restore lives, if anyone is rescued. 

My roomate, Lovely, and myself prayed together over the city of Antigua.  Lovely has a great passion for the trafficked victims.  After spending our last day touring Antigua and seeing the people, and after reviewing what I had learned of the city’s trafficking problems, we came together to pray.

Prayer changes things.  The unanticipated theme of our mission trip was “Nothing is impossible with God.”  This was reaffirmed to us on many occasions throughout the trip, and even after we returned home.  I believe God is working already over our precious children in Antigua, Guatemala City, and Guatemala.  May God show us the way to rescue and restore young lives who are victimized in the country. 

Because every child matters!