Another one of Philip’s questions

“What is it like to have two eyes,” he asked recently during a haircutting session.

Well, what is my world like since I have two eyes?  Did I even know a difference?

My little son did.  His innocent question broke my heart.  How many things I take for granted that he just wonders “what it’s like.”  I had to ask myself, how many things do I miss because I have two eyes.  How many things do I look over because I have two eyes.  I wish I could say that I see everything because of my two eyes, but I do not.  A lot of times, we don’t have to have the eyes to see that someone hurts or is confused or sad.  We make the choice whether we want to see or not.

I’ve seen Philip talk to strangers and ask them what is wrong, just because he notices they appear stressed or hurt.  This happens while I, who have two eyes, would look past them and not stop to ask them anything.

I guess life with two eyes is not much different than having one eye.  It all matters on if you choose to see. Whether it is giving clothing, feeding the hungry, or  loving the unloved, whatever  we do for the least of these, we do for Christ.

Because every child matters!