Just when we feel all hope is gone, the unexpected happens. I think I’ve shared it before. “Expect the unexpected but not in the expected way.” God’s ways are higher than ours, and his thoughts are greater than ours.

Dear anonymous, God used you miraculously to affirm and confirm God’s work in LWR. God is in control, I am not. God is God, and I am not. So many things I do not understand, but in the “small” things, pray that we are faithful, and I know the Lord will open up greater doors.

Thank all of you for praying for Philip. His ENT physician seems to be in agreement that Philip is suffering from swelling of the glands on the back of the tongue (due to allergies in part). If he does not respond to the new treatment, then surgery may be required.

But I believe Philip will be just fine. I will expect the unexpected, but not in the expected way. God is in control, and this battle belongs to Him, not me!!

Because every child matters!