Advisory Board

Sushma Patel

Sushma Patel is an international fashion designer whose designs have made an appearance on platforms across the globe. Her pieces have graced the runways of Paris,Italy, the Caribbean, Iceland, Morocco,Romania and many more. She is especially recognized for her indian influenced rich and luxurious fabrics combined with contemporary western silhouettes. Her handcrafted fusion collections can be found at her namesake boutique in Global Mall.

Pastor Abraham V.P.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church of God in Dallas TX, Pastor V.P. Abraham has a passion for the poor and the downtrodden. Formerly the senior pastor of Chattanooga Christian Assembly, Abraham has been a mentor to both Susan and Santhosh. His many years in ministry in India and America has given him a global perspective about the sufferings of those in the third world countries. In his capacity as an advisor to the founders, Pastor Abraham has helped Love Without Reason form a clear vision in medical missions as well.